Buddy  Bresnick

Buddy Bresnick


Phone: 410-560-2188
Extension: x104

Buddy Bresnick is a partner of Brescook, LLC—the Dale Carnegie Training franchise that covers Central Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern VA.

Buddy has been with Dale Carnegie Training for over 30 years. In 1982, soon after graduating with a degree in Economics from Towson University, Buddy joined Dale Carnegie Training as a Sales Associate. He quickly moved through the ranks, becoming the General Manager of the Baltimore, MD franchise. In 1990, less than ten years after joining Dale Carnegie Training, Buddy became partner of the Brescook franchise.

Buddy’s leadership ability and commitment to Dale Carnegie’s principles have helped build Brescook into the #1 most productive Dale Carnegie franchise in the United States and the 5th worldwide. With his assistance, his franchise consistently ranks among the top franchises globally in terms of sales excellence and quality of instruction.

Throughout his three decades at Dale Carnegie, Buddy has compiled a resume of accomplishments in sales, sales management and instruction that has earned him accolades from both the Dale Carnegie organization and from the business entities whose bottom lines he has helped to improve. His experience has enabled him to provide a broad array of skill development programs to hundreds of organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Buddy is an active member of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce and speaks regularly for non-profit organizations and professional associations. When he’s not working to make Brescook an award-winning franchise, Buddy enjoys golf, baseball and spending time with his family. Though his wife, Grace, thinks he is happiest cutting the grass—in the sun and on his tractor.